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Double Door and Township Present...

Fuck Fest

THIS SHOW IS AT TOWNSHIP, 2200 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

July 30

2:00 pm


This show is 18+ w/ Valid State or Federal ID

20 bands on two stages!!!!

Rat Hammer


Rat Hammer is one of the most passionate and lively bands that I’ve seen in a long time. Turning out songs that are less than two minutes and incorporating a balance of surf and punk, they do a spectacular job of keeping things energetic. Their singer Johnny Wilson exudes a specific type of style and performance you don’t see everyday—one that’s reminiscent of Iggy Pop or Jello Biafra, but without being over the top.



Watt Wavis
Wax Weckman
Wencer Wein
Wavid Wurtin

Fury Hip Hop


FURY was born Samantha Jordan June 30th, 1988 in Chicago Illinois. As a child she attended her grandfather’s church where she gained a very strong moral foundation as well as an appreciation of soulful music. Growing up she expressed her feelings through art and grew very fond of poetry and spoken word. Her biggest inspirations growing up were Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill, Eve, Left Eye and Talib Kweli. At the age of 13 she began to embrace the notion of becoming a rapper. Due to the loss of many loved ones she used writing to deal with the pain and loneliness we all deal with growing up. In high school she performed in several talent shows and began to gain more confidence as a rapper. At the age of 22 she became a mother and gained an even stronger drive to be a positive female role model. The music FURY writes is very intense and heart felt. She is very aware of the decline in positive messages in hip hop especially from female artists. She is inspired by music from all walks of life as long as it attempts to connect people and helps others to deal with life. She hopes to continue the legacy of the great female emcees who paved the way for her and motivate the emcees of the future.

Bev Rage and the Drinks


The Hot Moms


The Hot Moms are a garage rock band from Chicago, Illinois. Formed in 2012 by singer/songwriter Drew Stephens, the band combines zany up-tempo licks with classic pop sensibility to create lobster rock—a classy style of slick fuzz that you can eat with your hands.

Bash Bang


Shannon: high mouth, metal plucks
Mike: medium mouth, more metal plucks
Gabe: fat strings of even more metal
Ben: boomers



Beats that sound like Space, Drugs and Money
Bars that make you think



songs visited me in dreams, told me they would like to explore your eardrums.

Du Glay

Troy Anderson


Catchy power pop//rock’n’ roll wonder boy

So Pretty


This band sounds dirty, ugly and really bloated. Wait! no they sound soooo pretty. I mean like really really pretty.

The Speed Babes


the speed babes are maybe a band or maybe it is just one guy who wrote and recorded 12 songs in 18 hours in garageband on a bet. it’s lo-fi punk music.

Sam Vicari


“With his geek-sheik thick rimmed glasses and mustard colored cardigans, you get the experience of a true nerd rocker.”

The Electric Excuse Me’s



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